How to shoot a basketball

The Number One Most Important Thing You Can Do If You Want To Be A Great Shooter

How to Shoot a Basketball

Think about any great shooter. I am talking about a great shooter, not just a good shooter. A good shooter was Michael Jordan. A great shooter, on the same team, was Steve Kerr. That got could pop threes like it was going out of style. Steve Kerr’s shot probably looked pretty similar to Michael Jordan’s at first glance. But Steve Kerr shot 45% from the three point in his career. Michael Jordan shot 33%. That is a huge difference. This means that Kerr was a 36% better shooter than Jordan! (45-33= 12, 12/33 = 36%) Jordan is widely recognized (and deservedly so) as the greatest basketball player who ever lived. But what if he had been able to shoot like Kerr... he would have been untouchable!

If you closely watch Jordan’s final shot in which he beat the Utah Jazz in the finals in 1998, you would see that his wrist turned a little bit outward and his body is squared to the left of the basket. Jordan made that shot, but he also missed many more because of these flaws in his technique.

However, if you watched Kerr shoot, you would see that everything is perfectly aligned to the basket. His body, his arm, his fingers, everything is perfectly straight and aligned to the basket.

That is the key right there. You must keep everything in your shooting motion straight and perfectly aligned with your target: your feet, knees, hips, head, elbow, wrist and fingers must point straight to the basket. If you do this you should never miss to the left or right, only to the front or back. And being short or long with your shot is easily corrected by my methods. This secret is simple but powerful. The rest of this website is dedicated to showing you exactly how you accomplish this.

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