How to shoot a basketball

Drain freethrows like they are going out of style. All you need is focus and proper free throw shooting form

How to Shoot a Basketball

Free throws are a tiny bit different, but not much. You align the foot on the side of your shooting hand in the middle of the free throw line. In most gyms there is a little mark that shows you where the middle is. Keep your feet in the same position as outlined above and as you bend your knees bring the ball into shooting position. From there extend your body and release the same way you normally would. Do not jump. Point your arm straight into the basket as you normally would. Practice this over and over until you can shoot about 90%. Use the exact same method every time before you take a free throw. Take the same number of dribbles, concentrate on the same things and maintain proper form.

Here is a big tip on free throws. You will find that you can shoot the ball a lot more consistently by gripping it the same way every time. Most of the greatest shooters have figured this out. You want to position the tips of your index and middle fingers on the basketball’s grooves. This will give you the best grip and the most consistency. Some shooting coaches recommend that you do this on every shot. However, I do not recommend this. You have to be able to catch and fire. You do not have time to align your fingers on the groove for every shot.

Unfortunately Shaq never figured this out or he could have been the greatest player to ever play the game. He would have averaged 40 points a game or more in his prime.

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