How to shoot a basketball

Some other helpful tips for you in your journey to become a great basketball player:

How to Shoot a Basketball

Shooting for the front or back of the rim

Some shooting coaches tell you to aim for the front or back of the rim. I do not recommend this generally. The best shooters just shoot making sure their arm goes straight to the basket. However, there is one instance where it can be helpful. Some days you will find that your shot is consistently short or long. In this instance, it you are shooting long I would recommend aiming for the front of the rim and vice versa.

Shooting fadeaway jumpshots

I do not recommend shooting fadeaway jumpers. The main reason for this is that if you work on stopping on a dime and develop a lightning quick shot you don’t have to! You can get your shot off from anywhere at any time. Fadeaways throw off your mechanics, so if you can get an open shot anyway than why worry about them?

Videotape yourself shooting

I would highly, highly recommend videotaping your shot from various angles to determine what needs to be fixed. The best angle to tape from is from directly behind, because then you can see if you are doing anything that is not aligned perfectly straight towards the basket. Many players, for example, will turn their wrist in or out on the release without even realizing it.

Another tip... hire a personal trainer. It makes a big difference folks! You will get stronger, quicker and be able to jump higher. To compete at a high level, you really need to be a top athlete. Unfortunately once you reach a certain level of competition just being a great shooter is not enough - you have to be able to get open, defend, etc.

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