How to shoot a basketball

Learn proper follow through and wrist positioning for correct basketball shooting form

How to Shoot a Basketball

Your wrist should be a bit cocked back when you are holding the ball. Not so much that it is at all uncomfortable, but enough to keep the ball back a bit. As you are extending your arm to shoot you will “snap” your wrist while the ball is rolling off your finger tips. I am a bit hesitant to use the word “snap” as I don’t want you to get the impression that you are “snapping” too hard or quickly. Everything should be nice and smooth. After you snap your wrist you follow through and hold your hand in the curled position pointed straight towards the hoop. For your follow through you will extend your arm all the way straight to the basket. Do not stop your follow through halfway but rather extend your arm. Watch big Dirk of the Mavs follow through on one of his shots sometime; his great stroke brought an NBA title to Dallas!

Correct wrist position. Notice how the wrist is slightly cocked back.
Correct Wrist Position For Shooting A Basketball

Correct follow through. After shooting the ball extend your arm straight through to the hoop. Notice how the non-shooting hand stays stationary!

Correct Follow Through For Shooting A Basketball

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