How to shoot a basketball

Learn How To Hold The Basketball and Correct Elbow Positioning

How to Shoot a Basketball

Keep your elbow pointed straight towards the hoop! Don’t let the elbow be too far in or too far out, but approximately right underneath the hand (can be a tiny bit out if that’s more comfortable). The angle of your elbow should be slightly under 90 degrees. A good way for you to find the correct angle for your elbow is to hold the ball above your head as if you were going to shoot but without your guide hand. You should be able to hold the ball in position (correctly holding it by the tips of your fingers) without it falling out of your shooting hand. Keep the angle a tiny bit less than 90 degrees.

You shoot the ball from above your head so that you can see the basket. The ball should be positioned in front of and above your head. The ball should not be directly over your head but rather a bit in front of your head. Your arm should make an angle of greater than or equal to approximately 90 degrees or a bit more with your body.

The below picture shows correct starting position for your shot. Notice how the basketball is perfectly balanced with just one arm. A good shooter with good balance can shoot from this position even without his other arm. Notice how the ball is not shot from over one’s head but rather from in front of the head. Some basketball players bring the ball back over their head. This is incorrect. Also notice how the player’s elbow and arm are straight in line with the basket.
Correct Wrist Position For Shooting A Basketball

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